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  • Posted on December 17, 2021 / by abby in Interviews, The Flash

    “Armageddon” may have been prevented, but future shocks are still causing chaos for The Flash, which wraps up the five-part crossover event Tuesday with Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton) and the team facing an unexpected visit from Arrow‘s Mia Smoak (Kat McNamara).

    So what brings the current Green Arrow to town? Yeah, that’s not for us to spill, but we can say that Mia’s presence is tied directly to a certain Speedster who needs his clock cleaned and that McNamara’s return has us thinking the existing Arrowverse shows need to Smoak up more often.

    Below, the actress tells us more.

    It’s so nice to talk to you again. I spoke to The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace months ago, and he was hinting at some of the people coming back—I was so proud you were on the wish list!
    I was truly honored. I mean, honestly, when I spoke to Eric for the first time as well, it immediately just inspired me again. And you know me—I love the Arrowverse. I love Mia Smoak so much. And the fact that they asked me back, I was really honored. It’s such a great group. And to be one of the ones brought back for “Armageddon”? It’s an honor to be brought back for the apocalypse. [Laughs]

    Yes, welcome to the end of the world! And you make quite the entrance, opposite Tom Cavanagh no less.
    I know. Oh, my gosh. That was the first scene I shot, and I have to say, I’m a huge fan of Tom and was a little bit starstruck. He’s been such a pivotal person from the beginning of the Arrowverse.

    It was very cool to see that they didn’t just bring back Mia, they brought back Mia as the Green Arrow. And they honored where the character was headed the last time we saw her and what she’s doing now.
    Absolutely. And that’s the biggest thing Eric said to me: “Look, they set up so much for Mia’s story. It can’t all go by the wayside.” So he picked up right where we left off and as you know, Mia’s whole essence is quite the specific blend of broodiness and sarcasm [from Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen] and Felicity’s little glimmer in her eye and her sense of humor [via Emily Bett Rickards]…and they hit the nail on the head exactly.

    I was so thrilled and really impressed by The Flash writers’ room. Not that I wouldn’t have been, but they were incredible at picking it right back up and bringing in all of Mia’s struggles that we left off with. They knew everything she was battling, between trying to join the superhero world in a real way while taking on this mantle she was not prepared for and really truly did not feel worthy of. And the fact that we get to see the darker side of the Green Arrow in this next piece is great. You see her on the verge and struggling with her family issues as well.

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    Posted on December 16, 2021 / by abby in Interviews, The Flash

    denofgeek – The former Arrow star breaks down her first visit to Central City on The Flash: Armageddon, what it felt like to put on the Green Arrow’s hood once more, and her hopes for Mia’s future.

    Though Barry Allen managed to successfully thwart Eobard Thawne’s attempt to rewrite the timeline in the penultimate installment of The Flash: Armageddon, things aren’t quite back to normal just yet in Central City Not only does Team Flash have to stop Thawne once again in 2021, but they’ve also got to decide what to do with him afterward. The question of whether the monster that did them all so much harm is worthy of their mercy is precisely the sort of moral conundrum that superhero stories are perhaps the best equipped to explore, and The Flash wraps up this five-part event doing just that.

    But that’s not all. Armageddon also brings back fan-favorite Mia Queen for the first time since Arrow ended, a welcome return that takes a little bit of the sting out of the fact that The CW opted not to pick up the flagship series’ proposed spinoff, Green Arrow and the Canaries.

    “Putting on the suit for the first time again and being back in that world, it just felt like coming home,” Katherine McNamara, who plays Mia, tells Den of Geek. “It felt right, you know? And truly, I just love creating her story and her journey. Mia will always be very special to me. I learned a lot from her and she brought a lot of wonderful things into my life. So, stepping back into her shoes – it’s a responsibility, but it’s one that I welcome.”

    As a character, Mia remains as intriguing in Armageddon as ever, a unique mix of her father’s stubbornness and her mother’s sarcasm, all topped up with a hefty dose of the sort of deep-seated anger and need to prove herself we don’t often see in female heroes. She’s fascinating to watch and one has to hope that this return might presage a few more appearances in this universe, either on The Flash or one of its other shows.

    “Mia has simultaneously changed and also remains largely the same. She loves to dig in her heels,” McNamara laughs when asked how the past two years have altered her character. “The writers did such an amazing job of picking up right where we left off with her.”

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    Posted on December 16, 2021 / by abby in Interviews, The Flash

    tvline – This week on The Flash, “Armageddon” (as in the 5-week event) and hopefully the prospect of Armageddon itself came to an end. All told, what did you think of the season-opening, not-a-crossover event? And what on any Earth did that final image mean?

    “Armageddon” Part 5 opened with Team Flash nabbing Eobard Thawne with conspicuous ease, after which they penned him up at STAR Labs. Seeing that Thawne was fading from the corrected, permanent timeline (because reasons), a debate ensued: Let him go and thus “die,” or save him by sapping him of his speed.

    Weighing in on the side of “I say, let the plane crash!” was Mia Queen, who swung by 2021 while searching for her brother. When Iris then privately checked in on hot-headed Mia, the future hero disclosed that for two years now she has been trying to locate William, who was abducted at the end of Arrow’s “Green Arrow and the Canaries” backdoor spinoff pilot.

    “I mean, ‘Poor William!’ is all I’ve got to say,” sighs Arrowverse vet Katherine McNamara, who reprised her role as Mia this week. “He’s been a hostage for two years, so maybe he’s the next super villain — we don’t know! — or maybe he’s thriving on a tropical island somewhere with a cocktail in his hand….”

    Oliver and Felicity’s daughter also revealed to Iris that her only possible clue to finding William is the “family pet rock”/.hozen they were holding when he got taken. Iris suggests that Mia reach out to Felicity for help, but Mia worries that her mom won’t understand to what kill-y lengths she has gone to find her kin.

    “Mia has lost William and hasn’t necessarily lived up to the Green Arrow mantle in a way that she had hoped — and in a way that she would assume her mother would’ve wanted,” says McNamara. “It’s difficult for her to face that, knowing how much the [Green Arrow] legacy meant to both of her parents.”

    “I think that Felicity and Mia have always had a bit of a contentious relationship, given her upbringing and all the other parental angsts that exist in the Queen family,” McNamara notes. “But [what Iris said] is exactly what Mia needed to hear. She has to realize that Felicity will understand a lot more than Mia thinks she will, and there’s a real opportunity there for that resolution.”

    As for Mia’s next steps after dropping in on Felicity, McNamara posits, “If there’s anything we know for sure it’s that Mia will not rest until she finds her brother, because he’s the last piece of her family [in 2040]. She made a promise to Oliver that she would take care of William and take care of Felicity, and she feels as though she’s broken that promise by losing William, and she can’t rest until she fixes that.”

    But short of ever seeing that mystery get solved on any remaining Arrowverse show, did McNamara get a bit of closure from her visit to The Flash, given that The CW back in January opted not to move forward with Green Arrow and the Canaries, which would have her, Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy?

    “I got a little bit of closure,” she told TVLine. “I mean, look, there’s still a lot of Mia’s storyline that is yet to be resolved, and I’m very glad for that. I think that by the end of this episode, Mia feels very welcomed in this world, and I hope it’s not the last time we see her.”

    Posted on December 15, 2021 / by abby in Gallery, The Flash, Tv Shows

    Hey Kat fans! Last night was the night With Kat coming back as Mia Queen for the last part of the 5 part crossover event for The Flash 8×05 -Armageddon, Part 5. Kat came back to 2021 to look for her brother William who the last time she saw him was at the end of Green Arrow & The Canaries when he was kidnaped and that was 2 years ago and Mia has been looking for him all that time. Mia does not find him in this episode but she does get a clue and is on her way to see her mom to get some hacking done to find out more after helping team flash save the world. The Mia/William story line is still not done and that gives me hope that they will bring her back at some point to at last finish the storyline off and get William back again. The only thing that did not make a lot of sense is at the end of the canaries episode Laurel said in one year Mia will some how turn Star City into a crime haven and that was one of the big questions from the show and yet now two years have pasted and all is fine?. I have added over 400HQ screen captures to the gallery from the episode and Kat her self has post a ton of her on set photos from the filming that I have added in as well.

    Posted on December 12, 2021 / by abby in Gallery, The Flash

    The episode stills for this week’s coming episode of the The Flash called 8×05 -Armageddon, Part 5 that Kat will be guest staring have been released. It looks like Mia will be facing off with Team Flash at the start tho I have no clue why they don’t no who she is. I have added MQ photos in the gallery and I hope to get the HQ ones to replace them soon.

    Posted on December 08, 2021 / by abby in The Flash, Tv Shows


    Posted on November 29, 2021 / by abby in Gallery, The Flash

    We now known what episode of The Flash Kat will be in as Mia 8×05 – Armageddon, Part 5 that will air on the 14th December, We as well now have a press release for it and it looks like the storyline from Green Arrow And The Canaries will at last be completed.


    The conclusion to Armageddon presents an opportunity for The Flash (Grant Gustin) to end his lifelong battle with Reverse Flash (guest star Tom Cavanagh) for good, but the payoff could be too much for Barry and team to handle. Meanwhile, Mia Queen (guest star Katherine McNamara) drops in from the future looking to save a lost loved one, and she won’t let anything stand in her way.

    Posted on November 16, 2021 / by abby in Interviews, The Flash

    Collider – The CW series The Flash is kicking off its eighth season with a five-part event called “Armageddon,” in which a powerful and mysterious alien threat arrives on Earth promising the end of the world. Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton) and the rest of Team Flash are up against a ticking clock with time running out and in order to save humanity, they will need to enlist the help of some of their other super friends.

    With one of those superheroes to the rescue being Mia Smoak, aka Green Arrow, Collider got the opportunity to chat 1-on-1 with Katherine McNamara, the actress who first brought the character to life on Arrow. During the interview, she talked about how it was a dream come true to reprise her role as Mia, what it was like to see her character through the eyes of the creative team on The Flash, having kept up with training on her own during the pandemic, and what fans can expect to see from her in “Armageddon.” She also discussed teaming up with Alcon PRECISION1 contact lenses and how they’ve helped her vision, especially when it comes to safely pulling off the badass stunts she’s become known for.

    Collider: First of all, I think it’s so interesting that you’ve teamed up with Alcon and their PRECISION1 contact lenses. How did that come about? Why was it important to you, especially when it comes to your work and the stunts that you do, to find the right contact lenses, and what made them the right fit for you?
    KATHERINE McNAMARA: It was a very coincidentally fortuitous situation, that’s for sure. I had good vision, my whole childhood. I never thought I needed vision health. I was fine, or so I thought. I ended up going to an optometrist to get a contact lens fitting for some special effects monster contacts for a job. I thought, “Well, it’s been about 10 years since I’ve gotten my eyes tested. I probably should. I’m here. Why not?” I was shocked and quite embarrassed at the results. I did not know how bad my vision was. It’s something that is so simple and can be right in front of our faces, and yet is so easy to forget about doing. You go about your life and things can change drastically, right before your eyes, literally, and you don’t even know. I started wearing glasses and, obviously, doing what I do, it’s not always conducive to work or to fitness, or for a lot of the other activities in my life. Glasses got to be very cumbersome.

    So, mid-pandemic, when the world started opening back up again, I went, “Okay, I’m gonna figure out contact lenses. I’ve never had them before. I’ve never explored them. I’m in my mid-20s. It’s time to adult and take care of myself.” Around the same time, Alcon had reached out, seeing that I was wearing glasses and going, “Hey, have you ever thought about contacts?” I went to my eye doctor and it turns out that PRECISION1 was actually the perfect lens for me. They’re so comfortable. They’re daily lenses that you just throw in and I completely forget about. They truly have opened up my world and have made me feel as though I have my own superpower, as it were.

    I love their See What Happens campaign because it really aligns with a lot of the way I live my life. It very much centers around encouraging people to go out into the world and have experiences and live your life and go on adventures and don’t let anything stop you, including your vision, which is exactly what Alcon did for me. I know being a young adult, I’m learning how to do all of these things in the world. It wasn’t necessarily something I knew how to do. So, they have a great feature on their website. You can go to SeeWhatHappens.com and find an eye doctor near you, where you can go get your vision tested. You can explore the options on their website and see what’s available to you, so you can go in with a little bit of knowledge and have the right questions to ask so that you can really find the right lens for you.

    When you do as much physical work as you do, that must also help with stunts and making sure you can actually see what you’re doing.
    McNAMARA: Oh, absolutely. Especially if you’re holding a bow on set and having to pretend to fire an arrow or you’re throwing a sword, or doing anything like that, it helps if you can see where you’re going or where you’re stepping in the dark or what you’re aiming at. If you’re throwing a kick in the dark, and there’s smoke and fog and your hair is blowing in your face, it helps if you can see, just a little. There’s only so much smolder that you can get away with.

    Click on the link at the top to read the rest!

    Posted on October 20, 2021 / by abby in The Flash

    As we all no Kat will be a guest star on the upcoming cross over Armageddon of The Flash season 8 as Mia again. And the CW has released the trailer for the episodes and we get our first look at Mia. The episodes will start on November 16th but we don’t no what episodes Kat will be in at this time.

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