Big Slick Celebrity Softball

Last weekend (June 24th – 25th) Kat was back after 2 years of it being cancelled in person thanks to covid at the Big Slick Celebrity Softball in her town town of Kansas. It’s a fundraising event featuring several celebrities like Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Rob Riggle, Eric Stonestreet, Jason Sudeiki and lots more. Kat took part in the main softball game, Children’s Mercy Hospital game and the last nights Auction that had Sheryl Crow playing at. You can find all the photos from both day’s in full HQ in the gallery now.

July 3rd, 2022

The Hunters of Shadow 4

Kat made a appearance at a new convention on June 11th-12th for The Hunters of Shadow 4 in France. This one was for her old tv show Shadowhunter and she was joined by Alberto Rosende, Dominic Sherwood, Harry Shum Jr, Jack Yang, Jacky Lai, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Luke Baines, Matthew Daddario, Nicole Correia-Damude, Sydney Meyer, Tessa Mossey and Will Tudor. Kat did both group and individual panels, Autos and photoshoots on both days and she looks to have had a amazing time at it. You can find photos from the event in the gallery now and thanks to Rostercon for most of the photos.

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The Point Foundation’s Annual Point Honors Gala

On June 05th Kat did a new event for The Point Foundation’s Annual Point Honors Gala in LA. Kat was there to Introduces her friend, actor and activist Point Impact Award Winner Javier Muñoz for there award for making a significant impact on the LGBTQ & allied community. Again there is not a lot of photos from the event out but we do have some of her on the red carpet that are up in the gallery and the video of her on stage that you can see below.

ATX TV Fest Walker: Independence Panel

On June 04th Kat with her co-stars Matt Barr, Justin Johnson-Cortez, series executive producer/showrunner Seamus Fahey and the panel being mediated by jared padalecki were at the ATX TV Fest for there new show Walker: Independence. They did a Q&A about the show and did show the full pilot episode to the people there. No official HQ photos from the event have come out but some photos that were taken by the people in the audience have come out and you can view them in the gallery,

May 19th, 2022
  2022 The CW Upfront
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2022 The CW Upfront

Today (May 19th) was the big event for the CW and all it’s upcoming shows for this fall and next year The CW Upfront in New York. Kat was there to show of her new show Walker: Independence with the full cast Justin Johnson Cortez, Katie Findlay, Matt Barr, Lawrence Kao, Philemon Chambers and on stage Jared Padalecki who is the executive produced and star’s in Walker. You can fine over 30 HQ photos from the press line and on stage in the gallery now, I hope more come out as past years had a ton but I guess with covid still things are still getting back to normal with event photos.

May 19th, 2022
  Walker: Independence “1×01 – Pilot” Episode Still + On The Set Photos
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Walker: Independence “1×01 – Pilot” Episode Still + On The Set Photos

The first episode still from Walker: Independence called 1×01 – Pilot is has been released by the CW and with it the first poster for the show as well. On top of all that I have added in candids that Kat and the rest have the cast have taken when filming the pilot last month. You can find them all in the gallery now!

May 19th, 2022
  May 18th, 2022 Candids
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Kat was seen out and about in Midtown New York yesterday night going from her hotel as she is in town for the CW Upfronts. 16 HQ photos have been added into the gallery now for you all to see, Enjoy!.

May 14th, 2022
  Starfury The Ultimate’s Crisis
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Starfury The Ultimate’s Crisis

Well what a weekend it was for me, As you have read I was at Starfury The Ultimate’s Crisis for the DC tv shows last weekend and got to meet Kat a lot over the weekend and watch two panels as well. On the Friday Kat and all the rest of the guests came out for the opening ceremony to say hey to us all and after that the gold who I was one of them got to have a meet and greet with all the guests for 2 minutes and Kat sat down next to me it was amazing people, I got to ask her a very quick question with will she be releasing any more music and her answer was “the short answer is yes but I don’t no when they will be coming out but I still have some old song’s to come and I got to sing the opening song on the podcast and that was a cool thing”, So at some point we will have more Kat music coming yay. On to the Saturday it kicked of it photoshoots and I got my one with Kat done, after that it was onto the autos and I got Kat to do my photoshoot from when I meet her in 2018 at MCM, and had a little talk about meeting her there and her putting Maya on my arrow poster as she could not put Mia yet so she did her full character name on my Arrow 10×8 for me and I got a Shadowhunters 10×8 done as well. At the end of the day it was time for Kat’s first panel with her Arrow co-star Joseph David-Jones, she was great to watch in the panel and talked a lot about all things from her new show to maths, I was right at the front so had a great view for photos and then last thing that night was the Cosplay Competition Kat did go but did not sit with the others or take part in it just stood at the back and was out the door as soon as she could but Beebo won yay. And on to the Sunday again it all kicked of with photoshoots and I got one with Kat and Joseph this time after that Kat and Joseph had the first panel of the day and she was a lot more active in this one, jumping up and down showing of some moves and just having fun and after that I did not see Kat again till the end of the day with the Closing Ceremony were all the guests stand up and say thank you, what a great time they have had or in Caity Lotz’s case run away and then come back and do some running about as she lost her voice. And that was it the full weekend and it took me a week to get over it lol. As I was gold I got to be very closes at all the points so I got to take some amazing photos of Kat and you can find them all in the gallery.

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