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  • Posted on October 02, 2020 / by abby in Interviews

    Kat did a new Instagram Live interview with Hollywood Life yesterday. She talked about a lot of things and had a fun time on it and its great to see her.

    hollywoodlife – Katherine McNamara is taking on a very different role in the miniseries ‘The Stand.’ She spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about her role and the show’s parallels to what’s going in real-life.

    Katherine McNamara stars as Julie Lawry in the CBS All Access miniseries The Stand, which will premiere Dec. 17. The miniseries, based on Stephen King’s 1978 novel, takes place in a world destroyed by plague and immersed in a battle between good and evil. The fate of mankind rests on the shoulders of the 108-year-old Mother Abagail and a group of survivors. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Katherine about playing Julie Lawry and being a part of the Stephen King universe.

    “There’s something to be said about having a group of people that are so inspired by source material and are so passionate about source material and are able to take it and bring it to life in such a rich way,” Katherine told HollywoodLife during an episode of TVTalk on Oct. 1 while promoting the See What Happens campaign and PRECISION1® lenses. “It’s really amazing. Stephen King even wrote an alternate ending for it. There are so many elements that are new, but there are so many elements that stay true to the original, which I think is the perfect way to bring things to life and to translate from book to screen. The cast is incredible. It was such a different experience for me, especially given that I’ve been playing heroes for so long and now I’m playing someone who’s possibly the worst person you could be in the apocalypse and making character choices that make me feel like a gross human being, but that’s part of being an actor. You do things that are similar to yourself and different from yourself, and you’re a chameleon and that’s what you do. But it was so much fun and everyone involved is just so incredible. I’m just so thankful and I can’t wait for people to see it.”

    Julie is unlike any character Katherine has ever played, but she was more than up for the challenge. “I love Julie for how unimaginably herself she is, and how she has no inhibitions and no problem putting herself out there and going after what she wants,” Katherine continued. “That’s probably her only admirable quality. Maybe that she can pull off pink hair along with many other colors as well, but she is definitely not an example to follow pretty much in any other aspect. Playing a villain, you have to learn to love your character, but it’s definitely an experience when you’re making character choices that make you feel like a disgusting human being and just the worst possible human that you could [be], but that being said, it all serves a purpose for telling the story and showing the good, the bad, and the ugly of what these situations can bring out in humanity.”

    Adapting novels for TV or the big screen can be tricky since fans are so protective over books. The Shadowhunters alum revealed that The Stand miniseries “stays pretty true to the book.” However, she added that “with the new ending, and as they’ve sort of expanded the story, Julie’s story is a bit different than it is in the book. But I think it only serves as a statement that the creators are trying to make with this miniseries and serve this story that we need in 2020 from this sort of material.”

    In a weird twist, The Stand eerily mirrors some of what the world is experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic. “What’s great about The Stand is, yes, it’s about all of this, but beyond that, it’s more about the people and more about what happens to who’s left behind and more about what you go through as a human being and forcing to choose kind of what you stand for and who you are as a person. It’s really ultimately the choices that you make that create your destiny, and that’s kind of the core for all of the characters. Obviously, being Stephen King, every single character is so complex and rich and has so much going on that you just put them in this sort of situation and it’s brutal, and it’s very adult, and it’s absurd, and Stephen King at its finest, and I’m so excited for people to see.”

    Katherine is always involved in a new campaign with Alcon that encourages people to See What Happens when they experience lens freedom with PRECISION1® contact lenses. “Contacts have been on my to-do list forever and then during quarantine, I finally got through my to-do list,” Katherine said. “I absolutely love these contact lenses because I feel like I superhero. I actually can go about my life and have a superpower of great vision.”

    Posted on September 28, 2020 / by abby in Interviews

    Kat did a long Instagram Q&A live video on 26th September answering fan questions and just being her cute and happy self. You can watch the video below

    Posted on September 11, 2020 / by abby in Interviews

    This video is about a Katherine McNamara Interview 2020.

    In this Kat McNamara Interview she talks about how was the audition for Shadowhunters, her favorite memories from Shadowhunters, her relationship with Dominic Sherwood, the most challenging scenes and the message of the show.

    Posted on September 02, 2020 / by abby in Interviews

    a panel discussion with Madison Bailey, Jessica Marie Garcia, Katherine McNamara and Maisie Richardson-Sellers moderated by TheWrap’s Jennifer Maas. During this live chat, learn how your favorite on-screen superheroes and powerhouse characters find the strength to feel confidence and kick-ass in their everyday lives.

    Posted on August 27, 2020 / by abby in Gallery, Interviews

    Kat McNamara has 10 tattoos, each with a special personal meaning, and she walks us through them — and more of her body history — in this episode of Body Scan! The star of “Shadowhunters” and “Arrow” reveals how “High School Musical” caused her to dye her hair for the first time, the amazing manicure solution that keeps her nails looking pristine even during boxing training, how she found the perfect solution to improve her vision and so much more.

    Posted on August 21, 2020 / by abby in Interviews

    Kat was guest on the pod cast Sassenach Scotch, She talked about her time in quarantine, doing a movie when at home, Bob the The Quarantine Boyfriend and her favourite drinks to make for her self. You can listen to the pod cast on Apple Music Here

    Posted on August 21, 2020 / by abby in Gallery, Interviews

    “This November, let’s make sure they hear us loud and clear! Let’s VOTE.” – Kat McNamara

    Posted on August 21, 2020 / by abby in Interviews

    Insider – “Arrow” star Katherine McNamara explained how she filmed an entire horror movie from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

    “I was actually really excited,” the 24-year-old actress, who’s promoting her partnership with Alcon and PRECISION1 for their “See What Happens” campaign, told Insider. “I needed to be creative and I needed to do something and it was probably one of the most fulfilling and terrifying experiences.”

    In June, Vanity Fair revealed that six actors came together virtually to film a movie, currently titled “Untitled Horror Movie”: McNamara, Luke Baines (“Shadowhunters”), Emmy Raver-Lampman (“The Umbrella Academy”), Darren Barnett (“Never Have I Ever”), Claire Holt (“The Originals”), and Timothy Granaderos (“13 Reasons Why”).

    The film centers on TV stars who team up to make a horror movie after their show’s cancellation and unintentionally summon a demonic spirit, per Vanity Fair. The movie was filmed in 10 days total, including some reshoots. Despite not working with her costars in-person, McNamara said it was surprisingly easy to build chemistry with the cast. “We kind of instantly clicked,” the actress said.

    She added: “It’s really fun to get to actually work with people that you’ve never met and some that you have. We have this weird friend group now even though we’ve never actually spent time together.”

    McNamara told us that she was on board for the project, which was cowritten by Nick Simon (who also directed) and Luke Baines, early on. The actress previously costarred on Freeform’s “Shadowhunters” with Baines and has been friends with him for years, so being part of the movie was an easy decision.

    But most of the challenges arose due to the lack of a film crew and set.

    The actors had to be responsible for the technicalities of filmmaking, like figuring out lighting, getting familiar with sound design, setting up camera shots, and doing their own special effects makeup. With the help of a “patient” director of photography, McNamara and her costars were hands-on throughout the process, even with transferring the files, which she called “the most stressful job.”

    The actress said that she was always grateful for the crews she’s worked with, “but this was a whole new experience and “really gave me a new appreciation, because I didn’t really know how the magic happened until now.”

    McNamara’s experience with filming stunts for shows like “Shadowhunters” and “Arrow” also came in use while making this movie. Coincidentally, the horror movie’s stunt coordinator and choreographer, who assisted the stars via video, worked on “Shadowhunters” as a stunt double for Emeraude Toubia.

    For McNamara, one of the best things about being able to work from home was that she mainly only needed to be in wardrobe from the waist up. “I’ve been in sweatpants the majority of quarantine, including during filming, which was actually a lot of fun,” she said. “I think at that point, it was a couple of months into quarantine and I was sort of in a routine because we still weren’t able to go out. we had to be stuck literally in our houses and it gave me that change of pace that I needed to reinvigorate for the next few months of quarantine.”

    Even though this film experience was drastically different from what actors are used to, the stars made the most of it and celebrated the completion of the movie by having a wrap party via Zoom.

    “It was awesome because we were all at home and not having to worry about, ‘When do we have to go home? How do we get an Uber? There’s no Uber in quarantine,’ and all these other things,” McNamara told us. “We were able to just have fun and participate and really celebrate this weird little experiment that we’ve done.”

    As part of her partnership with Alcon and PRECISION1, McNamara, who recently started using their contact lenses, is encouraging fans to head to www.TheLensLoveQuiz.com to take “The Lens Love Quiz,” which will help users determine their lens love style and figure out what works best for them.

    Posted on August 21, 2020 / by abby in Interviews

    Insider – “Arrow” star Katherine McNamara gave an update on the potential spin-off series, saying it’s “in limbo,” but she’s optimistic.

    “We were in limbo going into this quarantine and now even more so,” the 24-year-old actress, who’s promoting her partnership with Alcon and PRECISION1 for their “See What Happens” campaign, told Insider.

    She continued: “The longer it goes, I think the more things are just going to be up in the air for a while. And until we get official word, I’m always still hopeful.”

    The actress made her Arrowverse debut as the Mia Smoak, the daughter of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), on season seven of the show during flash-forward scenes that took place in 2040. She continued to star on the show throughout season seven, plus the eighth and final season of “Arrow.”

    Season eight, episode nine (which aired after the five-part “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event), served as a backdoor pilot for a possible spin-off centered on Mia/Green Arrow and the Canaries, played by Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) and Juliana Harkavy (Dinah Drake).

    The series finale of “Arrow” aired in late January, but there hasn’t been any official word on whether or not “Green Arrow and the Canaries” will get picked up.

    In March 2020, The CW boss Mark Pedowitz said that it hadn’t been ordered to a series yet, but was still being discussed. A few months later, Marc Guggenheim, who served as an executive producer for “Arrow,” spoke to Digital Spy about the spin-off and said: “I know things, but it’s up to CW and Warner Bros. to publicize the things I know.”

    For McNamara’s part, the actress hopes that even if the show isn’t greenlit, she could be included in future crossovers or appear on the other CW shows that are based on DC comics characters.

    “I know I’m not done with Mia Smoak yet and, worst-case scenario, hopefully they would bring me back for another crossover or to jump into the [‘Legends of Tomorrow’] world because at least they can time travel,” “I had so much fun playing in that world and I would absolutely love to don the suit,” she added. McNamara told us.

    Until there’s a definitive answer, the actress has been keeping busy with plenty of activities while in quarantine in her Los Angeles home. She’s been regularly exercising; baking treats and delivering some to friends from a safe distance; catching up on books and shows, and filmed an entire movie from her house.

    McNamara is also trying to figure out a way to release original music that’s been on her computer for quite some time.

    “I think now’s the time sort of going back into my archives and seeing what I had set aside for one reason or another,” she said. “I also have a few projects in development that are pretty exciting and a few projects that were about to go but quarantine put them on hold. So there are things that are literally waiting in the wings that I’m ready to jump on a plane as soon as it’s deemed safe. ”

    As part of her partnership with Alcon and PRECISION1, McNamara, who recently started using the brand’s contact lenses, is encouraging fans to take “The Lens Love Quiz,” which will help users determine their lens love style and figure out what works best for them.

    Posted on August 16, 2020 / by abby in Gallery, Interviews, Magazines

    Last month Kat post some on set photos from a photoshoot she was doing and we now no it was for Gio Journal – August 2020 cover. We got a new interview and photoshoot at this time only five outtakes have come out and just the magazine cover but I am still looking for the rest of the scans.

    Gio JournalQ: Everyone knows you from Shadowhunters as the sexy redhead, now you are the even sexier blonde. As cliché’ as its sounds do blondes have more fun?
    A: Not cliche at all! Actually, when I first changed from my natural ginger locks to blonde, I did clock quite a difference in the amount of notice I received. Folks always mentioned and inquired about my fiery hair, but as a blonde, I was suddenly getting approached by strangers at a much higher frequency.I have spent a lot of time trying to determine why that may be the case. I’m not sure if it’s a societal perception or if it is something else entirely, but I certainly found it interesting. But the real fun began when I dyed my hair pink for a few months for THE STAND which shot earlier this year. I can definitively say I had the most fun with that hue. All that aside, I make an effort to have fun whatever I’m doing, regardless of my hair color. I am quite thrilled at the opportunity to get to change my appearance often – being a chameleon is one of my favorite aspects of my job. I want to live a thousand lives and tell every story I can get my hands on – to create and hold a mirror to the human experience. Who knows… maybe I’ll try brunette next!

    Q: You have the most beautiful skin. Tell us your skincare regimen.
    A: Thank you! I do my best to take good care of my skin. It’s an importance my grandmother instilled in me when I was very young. I would sit with her in her bathroom at the end of the day and watch her take off her makeup, wash her face, and really care for her skin – I thought it was so elegant. Now, I’m so grateful to have that habit – especially considering the amount of makeup I wear for hours upon hours on set. I start with a makeup wipe and a Clinique eye makeup remover to take the day off a bit. Next, I use the Tatcha camellia cleansing oil – a new addition to my regimen – but one I now truly love. I follow that up with the Chanel Le Lait milky cleanser which does an amazing job completely cleansing my skin without stripping all the moisture. A few times a week, I use a Clarisonic brush for a deep clean. Then I finish up with a little swipe of witch hazel, Clinique moisturizer, and Skyn Iceland eye cream. When I want to give my skin a special treat, I pull out a Patchology face mask to give my skin a little mini respite and retreat.

    To read the rest click on the link at the top

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