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  • Posted on July 17, 2021 / by abby in Gallery, Movie

    This took some time to track down as it never came out on DVD over here but I at last got my copy of Kat’s 2013 movie Contest. Kat plays Sarah O’Malley who is the new girl in town that one of the main characters Tommy Dolen played by Danny Flaherty falling in love with, And that is pretty much all Kat does in the movie and for being one of the main cast and all the promo she did for the movie she was in very little of it and not doing much when she was in it. I have added in DVD caps from both the main mover and the bouns features Kat’s Interview, Chatter Music Video and Outtakes and you can find them all in the galley.

    A bullied high school student is suddenly befriended by his chief tormentor and together they face challenges that will change their lives forever..

    Posted on April 24, 2021 / by abby in Gallery, Movie

    It took me some time but I at last got a DVD copy of Kat’s 2016 movie Natural Selection. It’s not the best quality going but it was all I could fine at this time but I will redo them if I get find a full 1080p one. Kat stars as Paige Thomas a girl who be friends the new boy in school Tyler Evans played by Mason Dye and is the part that trying to show him the good side of life when his other friend Matt played by Tyler Elliot Burke is trying to pull him down a bad path in life. I have added in DVD caps and you can find them in the galley.

    As the new kid, a shy high school senior finds himself tormented by all his peers except one, but his new friend has a dark, infectious outlook.

    Posted on March 12, 2021 / by abby in Gallery, Movie, Trust

    Kat’s new movie Trust came out today at some theaters and online video on demand and I got my copy of it for the site. Kat plays Amy who is a girl in the bar that set’s the movie of but is she there of her own free will or is something more going on?. The movie reunites Kat with her Shadowhunters co-star cast mate Matthew Daddario and star’s as well Victoria Justice and Lucien Laviscount. I have added in Blu-Ray screen captures from the movie and it you can watch it please give it a go.

    In this sexy and twisty ride, New York gallery owner Brooke and her husband Owen each face exceptional temptations, with most unexpected results.

    Posted on February 12, 2021 / by abby in Movie, Trust

    Great news for us Kat fans and Shadowhunters fans, Her new movie Trust (previously known as Push) and co stars Matthew Daddario at last has a release date and its Match 12th in some theaters and video on demand, So look back here for screen caps from it when it comes out.

    “Trust,” a new romantic drama starring Victoria Justice and Matthew Daddario, has sold key distribution rights to Vertical Entertainment.

    The boutique distributor will roll out the film in North America, the U.K. and Ireland, Variety has learned. The release is set for March 12, in select theaters and via paid video on demand. Josh Spector negotiated the deal for Vertical, with UTA Independent Film Group on behalf of the filmmakers.

    Set in the glamorous art worlds of Paris and New York, Justice plays a gallery owner married to a newscaster, played by Daddario. When two seductive strangers enter their lives (Lucien Laviscount and Katherine McNamara, respectively), the couple is faced with temptation, jealousy and a mystery that upends their lives. The Exchange is handling international sales on the project, directed by Brian DeCubellis.

    “On behalf of my fellow producers, we are so excited to partner with Vertical Entertainment to bring our film ‘Trust’ to screens in North America and UK/IE. This stunningly talented cast and crew joined forces to pour so much passion into every shot of this chemistry-fest of a movie. As a filmmaker, I couldn’t be more proud or grateful of the collaborations and the outcome” DeCubellis said.

    Rich Goldberg, Vertical’s co-president, said the film was “a star-powered, temptation driven film with enthralling performances from a talented cast. We’re thrilled to partner with the talented filmmaking team to bring the film to audiences this March.”

    DeCubellis wrote the script with Kristen Lazarian and K.S. Bruce. He also produced with Steven Klinsky and Tom Guida. Corey Trent Ackerman, Maureen Sherry and Steven P. Wegner executive produced. Cinematography is by David Tumblety, with editing by Ann Husaini, and music by Joel Douek and Greg Pliska.

    Posted on October 31, 2020 / by abby in Gallery, Movie

    As tonight is Halloween it was the perfect time to make the main site post about Kat’s 2012 Disney channel movie Girl Vs Monster. Kat stars as Myra Santelli the school bitch who gets possessed by a monster and in the end error of there ways and co-stars Olivia Holt, Kerris Dorsey, Brendan Meyer is Director by Stuart Gillard. I have added in the best screen captures I could find as this never came out on dvd or blu-ray so I did not have a lot to work with but they are not bad looking. You can now view the Screen Captures in the galley and enjoy your Halloween night.

    13-year-old Sam Steele Jr. forms his own private detective agency to emulate his father, Des Moines detective Sam Steele, and helps track down a jewel thief.

    Posted on October 10, 2020 / by abby in Gallery, Movie

    Two years after Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency Kat came back to again play Emma Marsh in it’s sequel Sam Steele and the Crystal Chalice. I have added in Blu-Ray screen captures this time round for you all, But the end is odd Kat just disappears from it she walks of to catch the bad gay wit Sam and is never seen again. The movie co-stars Jacob Hays, Kevin Sorbo, Dee Wallace, Mik Scriba, Jilanne Marie Klaus and is Director again by Tom Whitus.

    When Sam Steele Junior gets a term paper assignment on a visit by the Soviet Premier to the Midwest in the late 1950s he’s less than enthused. But when he learns it may lead to treasure, the Junior Detective Agency is on the adventure of a lifetime.

    Posted on October 06, 2020 / by abby in Gallery, Movie

    I have added in DVD Screen Captures from Katherine’s second movie she ever did all the way back in 2009 Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency. Kat star’s as Emma Marsh and co-stars Jacob Hays, Luke Perry, Darren Kennedy, Jilanne Marie Klaus and is Director by Tom Whitus. It’s a cute little kids movie and Jacob is the best part of it for me. You can now view the Screen Captures in the galley.

    13-year-old Sam Steele Jr. forms his own private detective agency to emulate his father, Des Moines detective Sam Steele, and helps track down a jewel thief.

    Posted on September 13, 2020 / by abby in Gallery, Movie

    After looking about all over the place for this movie I at last found a DVD copy of it in French and got it sent to me. Kat stars as Tiffany the sister of one of the little kids in the movie and from what I could tell as its not in English my copy she starts of being the bad girl with the wrong friends but later go’s and help the little kids after seeing what she was doing. The movie co-stars Noah Lomax, Aedin Mincks, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Adam Hicks, Kenton Duty and lots more and is Director Paul Tomborello. You can pick up the DVD in French Here for €2,00 Enjoy!

    Visiting the charming lake town of Culver, a boy genius and his sister race against bullies to find a treasure hidden by an eccentric philanthropist.

    Posted on August 27, 2020 / by abby in Movie

    ScreenRant – Katherine McNamara, known for her starring roles as Mia Smoak and Clary Fray in Arrow and Shadowhunters, is in talks to star in Urban Legend reboot.

    Arrow actress Katherine McNamara is reportedly in talks for a role in the upcoming Urban Legend reboot. 24-year-old McNamara is best known for her role as Clary Fray and Mia Smoak in Shadowhunters and Arrow, respectively. She also has a role in Josh Boone’s forthcoming The Stand, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. In addition, McNamara has also taken part in several independent film projects, including an untitled horror film directed by Nick Simon.

    The original Urban Legend film premiered in 1998 and quickly gained a cult following in spite of unfavorable reviews from critics. This college slasher film was one of the many that emerged after the success of the first two movies in the Scream franchise and featured many big-name stars of today, including Jared Leto and Rebecca Gayheart. The film centers around a group of students at Pendleton University, who quickly discover that a recent string of murders are eerily similar to the urban legends they are learning about in class.

    Although an Urban Legend reboot was announced earlier this February, Collider reports that directors are now eyeing Katherine McNamara to play one of the film’s main characters. As of now, not much is known on which roles are available to McNamara. However, there is speculation that she will star alongside Sydney Chandler in an ensemble cast. Aside from McNamara and Chandler, Keith Powers from Straight Outta Compton is rumored to be in talks as well.

    Colin Minihan is set to direct this horror film reboot, with Eric Paquette and Michael Bitar overseeing the project for Screen Gems. While it’s unknown how closely the reboot intends to follow the storylines from the original Urban Legend, studio executives have stated that this Urban Legend reboot will explore the repercussions of living in a digital age. More specifically, the reboot will highlight how the spread of urban legends is now facilitated through both the Internet and social media.

    While much remains to be seen about the Urban Legend reboot, the lasting star power of the franchise’s original films shows how important picking the right cast is. As such, McNamara’s range and roles in Shadowhunters and Arrow highlight how she undoubtedly has the acting chops for a starring role in Urban Legend. Although Screen Gems and Minihan likely need a while longer before they can reveal any definitive news regarding the reboot, horror fans everywhere will continue to be on the edge of their seat until they do.

    Posted on August 26, 2020 / by abby in Gallery, Movie

    With my copy of Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls I as well got the blu-ray copy of Katherine’s 2016 movie Indiscretion or as it is called in some places The Affair. Kat stars as Lizzy Simon the daughter of politician who is just in it. The movie co-stars Mira Sorvino, Cary Elwes & Christopher Backus and is Director: John Stewart Muller. The movie was not the best to watch and has been done before so much better but Kat’s end part was great to watch.

    In director John Stewart Muller’s stylish psychological thriller, Mira Sorvino stars as Veronica, a politician’s wife whose brief affair with a troubled young artist comes back to haunt her when he begins to infiltrate every part of her life. While her husband (Cary Elwes) and daughter (Katherine McNamara) are away, New Orleans psychiatrist Veronica Simon (Mira Sorvino) enjoys a weekend fling with Victor (Christopher Backus), an alluring young sculptor. But after Veronica calls off the affair, Victor refuses to let go and will stop at nothing to have Veronica for himself. Just how far will Victor go to get what he wants, and is there anything Veronica can do to stop his mad obsession before it destroys her family?

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