denofgeek – The former Arrow star breaks down her first visit to Central City on The Flash: Armageddon, what it felt like to put on the Green Arrow’s hood once more, and her hopes for Mia’s future.

Though Barry Allen managed to successfully thwart Eobard Thawne’s attempt to rewrite the timeline in the penultimate installment of The Flash: Armageddon, things aren’t quite back to normal just yet in Central City Not only does Team Flash have to stop Thawne once again in 2021, but they’ve also got to decide what to do with him afterward. The question of whether the monster that did them all so much harm is worthy of their mercy is precisely the sort of moral conundrum that superhero stories are perhaps the best equipped to explore, and The Flash wraps up this five-part event doing just that.

But that’s not all. Armageddon also brings back fan-favorite Mia Queen for the first time since Arrow ended, a welcome return that takes a little bit of the sting out of the fact that The CW opted not to pick up the flagship series’ proposed spinoff, Green Arrow and the Canaries.

“Putting on the suit for the first time again and being back in that world, it just felt like coming home,” Katherine McNamara, who plays Mia, tells Den of Geek. “It felt right, you know? And truly, I just love creating her story and her journey. Mia will always be very special to me. I learned a lot from her and she brought a lot of wonderful things into my life. So, stepping back into her shoes – it’s a responsibility, but it’s one that I welcome.”

As a character, Mia remains as intriguing in Armageddon as ever, a unique mix of her father’s stubbornness and her mother’s sarcasm, all topped up with a hefty dose of the sort of deep-seated anger and need to prove herself we don’t often see in female heroes. She’s fascinating to watch and one has to hope that this return might presage a few more appearances in this universe, either on The Flash or one of its other shows.

“Mia has simultaneously changed and also remains largely the same. She loves to dig in her heels,” McNamara laughs when asked how the past two years have altered her character. “The writers did such an amazing job of picking up right where we left off with her.”

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