June 4th, 2022
  ‘Walker: Independence’: Katherine McNamara & Cast Say It’s ‘Not Your Mama’s Western’
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‘Walker: Independence’: Katherine McNamara & Cast Say It’s ‘Not Your Mama’s Western’

tvinsider – The CW is taking on another western in Walker: Independence. A prequel to Jared Padalecki‘s Walker, this new series stars Katherine McNamara as Cordell Walker’s ancestor, Abigail Walker. Speaking at The CW upfront on May 19 in New York, McNamara told TV Insider what to expect with this new series that she and her co-stars agree is “not your mama’s western.”

For starters, the Arrowverse alum tells TV Insider “it’s great to go from playing Stephen Amell‘s daughter in the future, and then Jared Padalecki’s great-great-great-great grandma.” And like Misha Collins‘ Gotham Knights — a new CW Batman show coming this fall — Walker: Independence is “saddled with tragedy” in the first moments of the pilot.

After Abby’s husband is murdered on their journey West, she makes her way to their destination — the small town of Independence, Texas — with the help of an Apache tracker named Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez). Once there, she’s able to create a life for herself on her own. But she soon discovers her husband’s killer was the town’s sheriff, who now has the position her husband was meant to fill.

Abby sets off on a mission to avenge her husband, recruiting con artist Hoyt Rawlins (played by Matt Barr, who also played a different Hoyt Rawlins in Walker) to help her. This new Hoyt, according to Barr, is the “same DNA, same core,” but “dangerous.” And while the show will feel familiar, McNamara says viewers will quickly learn that Walker: Independence sets itself apart from the genre with a diverse cast of actors and modern storytelling.

“It’s not the western you’re expecting,” she explains. “Every character is not what they seem on the surface. It has the feel and the nostalgia of a western, but it’s a very modern story with characters that are going through real things that are so fascinating.”

Philemon Chambers (Augustus, Single All the Way) tells TV Insider Walker: Independence rewrites “narratives that have been used in westerns so often.” Their Wild West showcases the true diversity of the time period, which too often is ignored in other stories in the genre.

“The frontier, in reality, was deeply diverse and queer, and all kinds of things,” adds Katie Findlay (Kate Carver, How To Get Away With Murder). “You don’t often get to see that because history is written by white guys. It’s really nice to be in a cast that represents more of the reality of the landscape of a time where so many people were coming together and struggling to survive.”

Walker: Independence is like Bridgerton in this way, even when it comes to music choices.

“[The music] is not quite what Bridgerton does, but they make a choice a la Bridgerton that is very modern,” McNamara reveals. As Cortez adds, “it has this modern twist that’s kind of rock ‘n roll,” and Barr compares the musical choices to Baz Luhrmann and Guy Ritchie films.

“We’re a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll,” McNamara explains. “And it’s like Katie said, it’s ultimately a story about people coming together and surviving in the best and worst of circumstances.”

Walker: Independence, Thursdays, 9/8c, Fall 2022, The CW

June 4th, 2022
  TV Line Matt’s Inside Line Scoop
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TV Line Matt’s Inside Line Scoop

tvlineOn Walker Independence, is Katherine McNamara’s Abigail a Walker by blood or by marriage? –Ivan
First off, for the uninitiated: McNamara explained to TVLine at the CW Upfront that she is playing Cordell’s “great-great-great-great grandmother — so I’ve gone from playing Stephen Amell’s daughter in the future [on Arrow] to Jared Padalecki’s grandmother, several times removed!” But as for why Abby bears the Walker surname…. you’ll have to tune in Thursday nights this fall. As showrunner Seamus Fahey tells Inside Line, “We will learn of the origins of the Walkers in every sense.”

June 4th, 2022
  Katherine McNamara and Matt Barr Preview The CW’s ‘Walker Independence’
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Katherine McNamara and Matt Barr Preview The CW’s ‘Walker Independence’

the nerds of color – While covering The CW’s Upfront 2022 Red Carpet, I had the pleasure of chatting with Katherine McNamara and Matt Barr about Walker Independence. The new show is set in the late 1800s and will serve as an origin story of The CW’s current hit series Walker. We discussed what made Walker Independence stand out to them, their individual characters, how it adds to the world of Walker, dream storylines, and more. Keep reading for everything they shared with me!

What made the project stand out to you?
Katherine McNamara: I think what made it stand out to me is that it’s a Western that tries to refresh and reinvent what a Western is. We take the term independence very interestingly, and it comes with its pros and cons, but it’s about this woman who comes into the West and has a clean slate but is surrounded by people who are willing to be there and they survive together.
Matt Barr: I think it was sort of our… I guess the music video version of a Western, but it feels fresh. We got some modern music and the characters feel fresh and very, very current, and the dynamics are all relatable. I’m excited for a new generation to meet Westerns. It’s a fun sandbox.
McNamara: It’s a very magical world.

You led me into my next question perfectly, because I am a such fan of the different dynamics and relationships. Do you have a personal favorite that you’re most excited for fans to see?
McNamara: I don’t think I have a favorite because all of the characters are so rich. I have no idea where it’s gonna go, we have so much opportunity with all of the different intersections of people.
Barr: I’m excited about ours, Abby and Hoyt’s, because we’re just from different worlds, two different people. It’s like gonna be the whole Romancing the Stone thing, you know? City girl, kind of country boy, but it’d be fun to see us kind of come together too.
McNamara: Very strait-laced, very wild and then it’s…
Barr: I could use a little of this, you can maybe use a little of this.
McNamara: Yeah, they complement each other very well, but they butt heads a lot.

What has it been like to see the fan excitement for Walker Independence?
McNamara: It’s been really wonderful. Today we’re just now starting to see photos go out and people are really excited, I think.
Barr: Yeah, they are. It’s fun to see all the people that are loyal to Walker, to kind of hear them wanting to come check out this new world of Walker.
McNamara: It’s a family and I think people are gonna like it.

Walker is so big, what do you think that this show is going to add to that world?
McNamara: I think there are so many things that people expect from Westerns and we give you a bit of that with the expansiveness, the feel, and the nostalgia, but we also give you a lot of what you wouldn’t expect. I think that’s what people are going to really enjoy.
Barr: You know how Walker is set in Austin? I think of our show as like, here’s how Austin was built, here’s how the Texas Rangers were born. This is the beginning.
McNamara: This is the OG story of how the Walkers came to be and I think it’s gonna be an exciting history to tell.

Are there any dream storylines that you would like to eventually see with your characters?
McNamara: I think the biggest thing is I can’t wait to see the West affects Abby because she is very educated, very straight-laced, very driven to what she wants, but the West is never straightforward. I’m curious to see how her strength and flaws combine as she has to negotiate that world.
Barr: Good question. I want Hoyt to have like a little son or daughter that’s a mini Hoyt that he has to teach how to be a little mini gunslinger. It would be cute if it was a little daughter and she’s got a little hat on, her boots and he’s teaching her how she can walk into any bar and like con the guys out of their cards or something.
McNamara: We’ll get Hoyt a little tumbleweed eventually.
Barr: Yeah, a little mini Hoyt!

May 31st, 2022
  Return to the Shadows with Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood Episode 5
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Return to the Shadows with Katherine McNamara and Dominic Sherwood Episode 5

Messy emotions are everywhere in this week’s rewatch: Jace is caught in between Clary and Alec while Maryse Lightwood storms in to put her children in their place. This episode serves up a tasting menu of a little bit of everything, from a glimpse inside the werewolf pack and the show’s empowered female characters to the knowledge that Shadowhunters DO indeed sweat. Bon appetit!

May 29th, 2022
  ‘Walker: Independence’ ATX TV Fest Panelists Announced
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‘Walker: Independence’ ATX TV Fest Panelists Announced

nerdsandbeyond – Just one week from the start of the annual ATX TV Fest, the panelists and schedule are finalized and released! The pilot for Walker: Independence will screen at the festival on Saturday, June 4 at the State Theatre at 10 AM.

A panel will follow the screening, and the panelists include Kat McNamara (Abby Walker), Matt Barr (Hoyt Rawlings), Justin Johnson-Cortez (Calian), and series executive producer/showrunner Seamus Fahey. The ATX TV Fest website also mentions the possibility of additional panelists as the date approaches, so keep an eye out for any surprise last-minute additions.

May 27th, 2022
  New Look On Kat McNamara Fan
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Hello all Kat fans as you can see there is a new brand new design up here on Kat McNamara Fan after the old one was up for 8 months it was time for a new look on both the main site and the gallery, The main site is featuring her photoshoot from M. Citizen magazine and the gallery featuring her photoshoot for euphoria magazine. A big thank you to graph galaxy who did a amazing job on them both for all.

May 19th, 2022
  2022 The CW Upfront
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2022 The CW Upfront

Today (May 19th) was the big event for the CW and all it’s upcoming shows for this fall and next year The CW Upfront in New York. Kat was there to show of her new show Walker: Independence with the full cast Justin Johnson Cortez, Katie Findlay, Matt Barr, Lawrence Kao, Philemon Chambers and on stage Jared Padalecki who is the executive produced and star’s in Walker. You can fine over 30 HQ photos from the press line and on stage in the gallery now, I hope more come out as past years had a ton but I guess with covid still things are still getting back to normal with event photos.

May 19th, 2022
  Walker: Independence “1×01 – Pilot” Episode Still + On The Set Photos
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Walker: Independence “1×01 – Pilot” Episode Still + On The Set Photos

The first episode still from Walker: Independence called 1×01 – Pilot is has been released by the CW and with it the first poster for the show as well. On top of all that I have added in candids that Kat and the rest have the cast have taken when filming the pilot last month. You can find them all in the gallery now!

May 19th, 2022
  Walker: Independence Trailer
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Walker: Independence Trailer

Exciting things came out today with the first look at Kat’s new show Walker: Independence full trailer being released and it looks great. I can not wait till this fall to watch it all and see how Abby will get her revenge.