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  • Posted on September 24, 2022 / by abby in Walker: Independence

    TURN THE TABLES – Presented with a challenge, Abby (Katherine McNamara) cleverly uncovers an opportunity to undermine the Sheriff (Greg Hovanessian). Hoyt (Matt Barr) grows tired of playing second fiddle to Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez) in the eyes of Lucia’s (Gabriela Quezada) family before the two must work together to fend off a team of bandits. Calian’s drive to help, however, may jeopardize his standing within his tribe. Kate (Katie Findlay) is relentless in her pursuit of information on Abby, Kai (Lawrence Kao) once again proves himself invaluable, and Gus (Philemon Chambers) grapples with the trauma that comes with wearing the badge

    Posted on September 24, 2022 / by abby in Walker: Independence

    KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER – Abby (Katherine McNamara) is joined by rough and tumble outlaw Hoyt (Matt Barr) and Apache scout, Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez), when she revisits the tragic site of her life’s demise in search of clues to help uncover the cold-blooded killer hiding in town. Meanwhile, new Sheriff Tom Davidson (Greg Hovanessian), and the town’s loyal Deputy, Augustus (Philemon Chambers), are determined to track down the “mysterious” man responsible for the recent bank robbery. Kate (Katie Findlay) badgers Hagan (guest star Mark Sheppard) into doing the right thing, and Lucia (Gabriela Quezada) finds a new friend – and discovers a surprising talent – in Kai (Lawrence Kao). As Abby says a final farewell to her old life and “what might have been” she begins to embrace a new start in Independence while she, Calian, and Hoyt hatch a plan to bring the real enemy to justice…but how close is she willing to get?

    Posted on September 24, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Walker: Independence

    We are getting closer to the premier of Walker: Independence and we have more new episode stills from 1×01 – Pilot as well as a new promo of Kat as Abby and Kat her self has start a new weekly post called Windywednesday and posting new on set photos and it’s great to see.

    Posted on September 19, 2022 / by abby in Walker: Independence

    Stars and creators of The CW’s Walker: Independence (Seamus Kevin Fahey, Jared Padalecki, Katherine McNamara, Matt Barr, Katie Findlay, Greg Hovanessian, Philemon Chambers, Justin Johnson Cortez, Lawrence Kao, Gabriela Quezada) gather with moderator Damian Holbrook at PaleyFest Fall TV Previews 2022 to celebrate their show. Topics include: Padalecki’s initial hesitation at producing a spin-off to “Walker” (a reboot of the 1990s series “Walker, Texas Ranger”) that focused on his title character’s ancestors; putting a modern sensibility on the classic western by showcasing minority characters that were usually depicted as “sidekicks”; why Fahey wanted the story told from the heroine’s viewpoint; McNamara’s satisfaction in not making Abigail into “a damsel in distress”; Barr’s role being written off “Walker” and now brought back as the character’s forefather; and how cast members fared when attending the mandatory “cowboy camp.”

    Posted on September 13, 2022 / by abby in events, Gallery

    Last night (11th September) Kat made her first event since July at The Creative Coalition Presents #NextGen, The Young Hollywood Event in West Hollywood, California. Kat looks amazing in the white dress with her hair as it is now. I don’t no if she is on a little break from filming or filming is over for the show but it’s still good to see her about at events for a time. At this time we only have 5 HQ photos in the gallery for you all, I hope more will come out but I don’t think so.

    Posted on September 13, 2022 / by abby in Interviews, Walker: Independence

    EW – Executive producer Jared Padalecki moderates a conversation with the Walker Independence cast.

    It all started before Walker even aired its first episode on the CW in January of 2021. As the writers’ room planned out the arc of season 1 — following Cordell Walker (Jared Padalecki) as he returns from a long stint undercover and is forced to face his own grief over losing his wife — one writer, Seamus Kevin Fahey, started thinking about another story entirely, one that took place many years before.

    “We kept saying things like ‘fifth-generation Walkers,’ so it felt like an opportunity,” Fahey tells EW in an Around the Table moderated by none other than Padalecki. “Who were the first-generation Walkers?”

    That question got Fahey thinking. And then his own remorse over the killing of Cordell’s bestie Hoyt (Matt Barr) really lit the match: What if he told a story about the first generation of Walkers set in the 1800s and starring, well, Matt Barr as (a much older) Hoyt Rawlins?

    A little less than two years later, Walker is heading into its third season, and Walker Independence is ready to air its first. The story follows Abby Walker (Katherine McNamara), a Bostonian making her way to Independence, Texas, where her husband is set to become sheriff. But when her husband is murdered in front of her, she meets Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez), an Apache tracker who helps her make her way to Independence on her own. She’s looking for answers and she gets them when she realizes that the very man who shot her husband is now the acting sheriff of town.

    “She’s not your typical woman in the West, she has so much more agency than a lot of women in the 1870s,” Katherine McNamara says. “Rather than succumbing to [being] a victim, she chooses her own destiny and moves forward and finds all of these lovely folks.”

    In addition to Calian, the lovely folks who will play a part in Abby’s journey include burlesque dancer Kate (Katie Findlay), who seems to know a lot about the workings in town; deputy sheriff Augustus (Philemon Chambers), who could be a very useful ally; Chinese immigrant Kai (Lawrence Kao), who runs a local laundry and takes an immediate liking to Abby; and of course, Hoyt Rawlins (Barr), whose devil-may-care attitude — and day drinking — puts him at odds with Abby… until it doesn’t.

    “The modern day Hoyt, to me, he was all talk in a way,” says Matt Barr. “This version of Hoyt I see more as a man of action.”

    But as much as this show is about Abby’s story, there’s a reason there’s such a deep roster of characters on the drama. After all, why be part of the reinvention of Westerns if you can’t find a new way in? “There’s a chance to revisit this through a different lens,” Fahey says. “You can do a Western in a way we all love, but what’s the new take?”

    Fahey’s take is all about telling the untold stories, not just the story of the white protagonist. “[Coming from] a minority standpoint being Black in that time of the 1800s, that story hasn’t really been told,” Philemon Chambers says. “There was racism, there was prejudice, and I really wanted to touch on that.”

    Justin Johnson Cortez admits he went back and forth on whether he wanted to join the show at all. “I had a lot of reservations about doing a period piece, about playing a Native at this time because we’ve seen it so many times and it’s kind of always been the same,” he says. “I grew up watching Westerns wanting to be a cowboy because they had so much fun. I never really wanted to be the Indian.”

    It wasn’t until Cortez met with the producers that he says he felt “safe” to tell this story. And with the help of an Apache translator, he’s focused on bringing a “truthful” story to the screen. “I wanted to do it in a way that really respected especially the Apache culture,” he says. “We’re not always gonna get it 100 percent right. We’re going to be trying our best.”

    But when it comes to diversity in the West, there are even more stories to be told. “Gender roles in the West and on the frontier were not as cut and dry as people think they were,” Katie Findlay says. “There were queer people in the West, there were trans people in the West, there were all kinds of social and romantic partnerships. It was just a big endless frontier world of people figuring each other out in the midst of racism, sexism, homophobia. One of the things I love the most about the show is there is room for exploration of gender role and queerness.”

    As Fahey puts it, “It was a chance to go back and revisit an era and look for those untold stories, look for actual true-to-life characters who never had their day in the sun.”

    However, when the show isn’t putting its own spin on what a Western is, it’s reveling in all the traditional things a Western can be, like say, exciting gunfights and horse chases. Yes, the cast got to attend what they call “cowboy camp” before shooting. And yes, McNamara did learn how to ride a horse backward. (It’s a skill that was not ultimately used in the pilot and one that Fahey swears will be put to use at some point.)

    “There’s such a nostalgia to Westerns,” McNamara says. “There’s an adventure aspect to Westerns. There’s a romanticism to them that’s familiar to so many folks.”

    In Walker Independence, which McNamara lovingly calls “not your mama’s Western,” there will be romance and showdowns, and above all, drama. “I think the stakes are higher just dramatically sometimes [in Westerns],” Fahey notes.

    And with someone as determined as Abby Walker leading the way, things are only going to get more complicated. “She’s a woman who has, not only everything else women have to deal with, but also the obstacle of society,” McNamara says. “Being a woman who doesn’t fit can present its own challenges, but also, having the opportunity to subvert the ingénue in a way is a lot of fun.”

    But the show isn’t just about the people of Independence. It’s also about a time in Texas history. “I’m obsessed with turning points,” Fahey says. “Right around this time was a massive turning point, not only in the nation’s history but Texas history, and so it became something where if you could have all these characters about to make certain choices that made them all collide at the same time while you’re reinventing what Texas was at this time, it just seemed like a nice collision course.”

    And when push comes to shove, what does Fahey say this show is ultimately about? Identity. “Westerns I think are defined by a changing world, a changing landscape. How are people going to adapt?” he says.

    It’s unclear just how Abby Walker will adapt, and how her new friends (and foes) will face their own turning points. But one thing is very clear: McNamara manifested this.

    “We get asked the question all the time: What’s your dream project? My pat answer was always: Put me in a corset and a hoop skirt and I’m a happy girl. I’d love to do a period piece,” McNamara says. “And I guess manifestation is a thing because here I am.”

    Posted on September 12, 2022 / by abby in Interviews, Walker: Independence

    cowboysindiansCowboys & Indians: Long before you landed the lead role in Walker: Independence, you were used to rough-and-tumble action after appearing in Arrow and Shadowhunters. But had you ever been on a horse before?
    Katherine McNamara: Oh, yes, I’m a good Girl Scout. I had been on a horse before a fair few times. Of course, this is very different when you add a corset and a 15-pound dress and all of those other things. But this is what I love about being an actor: Every job provides something new to learn and a new challenge, whether it’s swords or a bow and arrow or guns and horses — or a 15-pound dress. The big difference is, I got so accustomed to being in jeans and combat boots and a leather jacket, and carrying weapons. But in this show, it’s a bit of a different color because Abby Walker is a lady of education in society from Boston who’s thrown into the world of the West. So having to find how a proper lady of the late 1800s adapts when her entire world is taken away from her and she’s left with nothing and no one in the first 15 minutes [of the premiere episode], it’s a new challenge. But a fun one, nonetheless.

    C&I: The striking thing about the premiere episode is that you have this horrific event happen. And you have to pull yourself together on your own and through sheer force of will — well, you do get a little help along the way.
    Katherine: [Laughs.] A little help.

    C&I: But for all practical purposes, you’re alone on your own dime for most of the time. What did you draw upon in your own experience as far as OK, I can only depend on myself in this moment to play Abby?
    Katherine: It’s interesting you ask that. And honestly, that’s something that drew me to Abby in the first place. Something that I think makes this show so unique and so special is that all of the characters appear as some sort of Western tropes that you’ve seen in the past. And yet, as the story unfolds, you find out that there’s so much more, and each character is almost a subversion of what you would expect from them. And Abigail’s no different. She is a woman who is coming to the West to start a life with her husband, and ends up with nothing and no one — but having more agency than most women of that time had, and meeting men along the way who recognize that, and help foster that agency, and give her opportunities to start over and have a life that is truly her own. Which is something she never expected.

    C&I: And you could relate to that?
    Katherine: I guess I’ve been through that a few times in my life. You see, no one in my family does this for a living. I come from a family of scientists and medical professionals. And I wanted to be an economist as a kid. And suddenly, I found myself in this world knowing no one, having to start fresh and say, “Okay, this is what I know I’m supposed to do with my life. How am I going to do it?” And everyone goes through ups and downs, and there have been times in my life where I’ve had to pull myself up by my bootstraps and go, “Okay, I can choose to be a victim of this, or I can choose to grow and be stronger because of it.”

    C&I: There have been some impressive Western series on cable and streaming platforms in recent years. But Walker: Independence is the first Western series to air on broadcast television in a very long time.
    Katherine: I see that as an opportunity, because there’s a huge nostalgia that comes with Westerns, especially within the Walker universe. Walker is already a known quantity. So when we’re coming into people’s living rooms, there’s a lovely familiarity to it. But what’s so brilliant about what [writer Seamus Fahey and Anna Fricke and director Larry Teng] have done is make a Western for a new generation. And it’s a Western that takes what you know and love, but really uses it as an opportunity to show parts of the Old West that you haven’t seen before, to show the diversity and the color and the life and the vibrancy — and also the violence and the terror — that existed in the West. We don’t shy away from putting our characters through the wringer. But we still show the sort of joy and the warmth and the community that is the West, which is a lot more diverse than many people realize.

    Posted on September 12, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Walker: Independence

    To go with the episode stills that came out we got as well two promo photos from the shoot the cast did have come out. The first is of Kat as Abby Walker and the other is a full cast shoot and is a amazing take of the shoot and I hope we get more but as its the CW I don’t think we will other then maybe one or two more. You can find them all in the gallery now

    Posted on September 12, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Walker: Independence

    We are well under a month to the premier of Walker: Independence and a new episode still from 1×01 – Pilot and two promos called Justice and Must Be Stopped has now come out.

    Posted on September 03, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Photoshoots

    Got a amazing update for you all today with a new set of outtakes from Kat’s NDK Magazine photoshoot from 2017. I love it when old photoshoots just drop randomly and I hope more are to come one down the road. Over 49 HQ photos from it have now been added into the gallery for you all so enjoy!

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