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  • Posted on October 06, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Interviews, Walker: Independence

    Katherine McNamara, star of The CW’s “Walker Independence”, joins us to talk about her leading role in the highly anticipated prequel series to the hit series “Walker”.

    Katherine shares her experience working on the series, which turns the classic Western genre on its head; instead of the “traditional” leading male hero, McNamara’s character Abby Walker is not a damsel in distress. Rather, she takes charge as she seeks her husband’s killer with the help of townspeople and fellow outsiders.

    Posted on October 06, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Interviews

    wmagazine – Katherine McNamara wants to make one thing abundantly clear: Walker Independence is “not your mama’s Western.” Having grown up in Kansas City, the actress admits the familiarity of the old-fashioned genre has always held a special place in her heart. But when she first read the pilot of Walker Independence, the late 19th-century prequel to Jared Padalecki’s Walker, McNamara—who rose to fame as Clary Fray in Freeform’s Shadowhunters and as Mia Smoak in The CW’s Arrow—could tell something was different. Created by Seamus Kevin Fahey and Anna Fricke, the latest CW drama follows Abby Walker (McNamara), an affluent, strong-willed Bostonian schoolteacher who witnesses the cold-blooded murder of her husband during their journey to Texas, where he was set to become the new sheriff of a small town called Independence.

    After crossing paths with an Apache tracker named Calian (Justin Johnson Cortez), Abby completes her trip to Independence, where she encounters a number of diverse and eclectic residents, including Tom Davidson (Greg Hovanessian), the new sheriff who fits the description of the man who killed her husband. “She’s a bit out of [her] time,” McNamara tells W over Zoom. “She’s educated; she’s independent. We don’t often see women in this period with this much agency.”

    Ahead of Thursday’s series premiere, McNamara speaks about Abby’s forthcoming quest for justice in Independence, her biggest personal takeaways from working on Shadowhunters, and the healthy balance she tries to strike on social media.

    What sets Abby apart from other characters you’ve played in the past?
    I’ve been doing a lot of action-based stories lately, and playing a lot of characters that tend to exist in jeans, combat boots and leather jackets. Then suddenly, I’m in a dress, boots, and a corset, and I have to be a lady of Boston society from the 1800s. I’ve been craving something new and different for a really long time, and this was a perfect opportunity to still find that sort of strong female character, but within a different genre.

    This show is subversive in that it honors the classic cornerstones of Westerns, while telling the story from the perspective of a young woman.
    What I’ve been striving for, with Abby, is to find a way to still carry forward that fire we see in her, [while] not knowing which choice she’s going to make next. There’s this great element to Westerns where justice is an enigma. And because the world is still being formed, so [are the notions of] right and wrong, and the law is not always “justice.” There are different ways of getting justice in the West that puts characters in a bit of a gray area and allows them to take actions that you might not expect and that might not always be morally sound.

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    Posted on October 05, 2022 / by abby in Interviews, Walker: Independence

    Posted on October 05, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Interviews, Walker: Independence

    Posted on October 05, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Interviews, Walker: Independence

    Katherine McNamara talks about Walker: Independence on The CW

    Posted on October 05, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Interviews, Walker: Independence

    Katherine McNamara stars in “Walker Independence,” a new western drama on The CW! She joins Julissa and Tina to talk about the show!

    Posted on October 05, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Interviews, Walker: Independence

    Posted on October 05, 2022 / by abby in Gallery, Interviews, Walker: Independence

    Posted on October 05, 2022 / by abby in Site

    Hey all, As you would have seen over the last week the site was down for a time and then our old layout and missing links etc were up. On Thursday night I came on to do a update and found a ton of files on the FTP that I had not put there and after talking to my host the site was put in lockdown as it had been hacked. After about 5 hours of me working on it and my amazing host helping out with getting the gallery and main site post’s back up and work. After that I was going away till Monday so not a lot I could do on the site till now. The past layout was killed and I don’t have a clear backup of it so I have had to add a old layout till a new one came be made and its under way. But the site is now back up and running again but I will be redoing things over the coming weeks.

    Posted on September 29, 2022 / by abby in Interviews

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