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Little FuryReleased: 2022
Character: Mary Shelley
2 1
El TontoReleased: 2021
Character: Terry
Synopsis: A fool for love becomes an accidental celebrity only to lose it all.
Untitled Horror MovieReleased: 2021
Character: Chrissy
Synopsis: With their hit TV show on the brink of cancellation, six actors decide to film their own horror movie and unintentionally summon a spirit with an affinity for violence.
8 1,275
Finding YouReleased: 2021
Character: Taylor Risdale
Synopsis: Finley, a talented aspiring violinist, meets Beckett, a famous young movie star, on the way to her college semester abroad program in a small coastal village in Ireland. An unexpected romance emerges as the heartthrob Beckett leads the uptight Finley on an adventurous reawakening, and she emboldens him to take charge of his future, until the pressures of his stardom get in the way.
6 456
TrustReleased: 2021
Character: Amy
Synopsis: In this sexy and twisty ride, New York gallery owner Brooke and her husband Owen each face exceptional temptations, with most unexpected results.
6 826
AssimilateReleased: 2019
Character: Hannah
Synopsis: Three friends making a web series about their town discover that their neighbors are being killed and replaced by creatures who are perfect copies of their victims.
2 108
Maze Runner: The Death CureReleased: 2018
Character: Sonya
Synopsis: Young hero Thomas embarks on a mission to find a cure for a deadly disease known as "The Flare".
4 107
Natural SelectionReleased: 2016
Character: Paige Thomas
Synopsis: As the new kid, a shy high school senior finds himself tormented by all his peers except one, but his new friend has a dark, infectious outlook.
4 655
Horoscopes (Video short)Released: 2016
Character: Kat
Synopsis: Three girls discover there's more behind their horoscopes than what they read...
1 127
IndiscretionReleased: 2016
Character: Lizzy Simon
Synopsis: A married woman's affair comes back to haunt her when her obsessed lover infiltrates every part of her life.
5 599
Is That a Gun in Your Pocket?Released: 2016
Character: Sandy Keely
Synopsis: If there's one thing that the men of Rockford Texas love as much as their women, it's their guns. But when a gun incident at a neighborhood school spurs one stay at home mom, Jenna (Andrea Anders), to rethink Rockford's obsessive gun culture, life in this idyllic town is turned upside-down. Much to the chagrin of her husband, (Matt Passmore), Jenna ignites a movement by recruiting the women to withhold sex from the men until every gun in Rockford is vanquished. A wild and hilarious showdown ensues between the sexes. As tensions and libidos rise, the men and women of Rockford must decide what's really important: keeping the peace or getting a piece.
4 523
Little SavagesReleased: 2016
Character: Tiffany
Synopsis: Visiting the charming lake town of Culver, a boy genius and his sister race against bullies to find a treasure hidden by an eccentric philanthropist.
5 1,068
R.L. Stine's Monsterville: Cabinet of SoulsReleased: 2015
Character: Lilith
Synopsis: Teenage friends must resist the spell of an evil showman staging a house of horrors show in their small town.
7 686
Maze Runner: The Scorch TrialsReleased: 2015
Character: Sonya
Synopsis: After having escaped the Maze, the Gladers now face a new set of challenges on the open roads of a desolate landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles.
6 231
A Sort of HomecomingReleased: 2015
Character: Rosa Conti
Synopsis: A Sort of Homecoming tells the story of Amy, a New York news producer who thought she left her high school experiences long in the past. She unexpectedly returns to Louisiana at the request of her high school debate coach. Their strained reunion brings back memories of her tumultuous senior year of high school. Through a series of flashbacks, we follow young Amy and her debate partner Nick on the highly competitive national debate circuit as they meet compatriots and competitors from top high schools around the country and the college coaches who control access to valuable scholarships.
4 62
A Wife's NightmareReleased: 2014
Character: Jackie
Synopsis: Liz, just returned home after a mental breakdown, has to welcome a relative stranger into her home when Caitlin, a young, vivacious woman, claims to be her husband's daughter.
5 13
Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry FinnReleased: 2014
Character: Becky Thatcher
Synopsis: Tom Sawyer and his pal Huckleberry Finn have great adventures on the Mississippi River, pretending to be pirates, attending their own funeral and witnessing a murder.
5 10
ContestReleased: 2013
Character: Sarah O'Malley
Synopsis: A bullied high school student is suddenly befriended by his chief tormentor and together they face challenges that will change their lives forever.
6 687
Girl Vs. MonsterReleased: 2012
Character: Myra Santelli
Synopsis: A teen girl goes on a mission to recapture a dangerous monster that she accidentally released before it can do harm to her parents.
5 520
Last Ounce of CourageReleased: 2012
Character: Caroler
Synopsis: The son of a fallen soldier, years after his father's death, tries to reconnect with his grandfather, who is still grieving the loss of his child.
2 1
New Year's EveReleased: 2011
Character: Lily Bowman
Synopsis: The lives of several couples and singles in New York City intertwine over the course of New Year's Eve.
3 24
Sam Steele and the Crystal ChaliceReleased: 2011
Character: Emma Marsh
Synopsis: When Sam Steele Junior gets a term paper assignment on a visit by the Soviet Premier to the Midwest in the late 1950s he's less than enthused. But when he learns it may lead to treasure, the Junior Detective Agency is on the adventure of a lifetime.
4 571
Last WillReleased: 2011
Character: Wedding Guest
Synopsis: An affluent woman is framed for the murder of her husband and faces a mountain of evidence stacked against her. Undeterred, she begins to put the pieces of the true story together.
2 1
The Nuclear Standard (Short)Released: 2010
Character: Penny
Synopsis: A picture perfect neighborhood: green grass, white picket fences, and not a sound to disturb the peace. Penny, Steve and their hard working parents call this home. But all is not what it seems when Steve discovers the secret his parents have been keeping. Can this family survive the secrets which threaten to tear it apart?
4 269
Get Off My Porch (Short)Released: 2010
Character: Mary
Synopsis: Girl scouts selling a special kind of cookie that's having strange effects on their customers.
4 77
Sam Steele and the Junior Detective AgencyReleased: 2009
Character: Emma Marsh
Synopsis: 13-year-old Sam Steele Jr. forms his own private detective agency to emulate his father, Des Moines detective Sam Steele, and helps track down a jewel thief.
5 600
Matchmaker MaryReleased: 2008
Character: Mary Carver
Synopsis: Seen through the eyes of a young girl on the verge of womanhood, Mary discovers that puppy love is more than just a trip to the animal shelter. This story illustrates how the lives of six people can be changed with a little help from a pre-teen matchmaker and three adorable puppies.
5 10
All Roads Lead HomeReleased: 2008
Character: Fair Goer
Synopsis: The story is about a 12 year old girl who loses her mother in an automobile accident. Her father struggles with the loss of his wife and trying to raise his young daughter who believes her father is partly responsible for her mother's death. Belle's maternal grandfather is a changed man since losing his daughter in the accident. He finds it difficult to have a relationship with Belle since she is a constant reminder of her mother. It is Atticus the new puppy who will change Belle's life and the lives of those who love her.
2 1
The Bride & the Groom (Short)Released: 2007
Character: Wedding Guest
1 46

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