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  • September 02, 2020  abby No comments Gallery, Tv Shows

    All the way back in 2011 Katherine made her first tv show guest spot role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 12 episode 12×15 – Flight as a little girl called Jasmine. Kat is only in the episode for about 2 minutes but it was a great first part for her. Full HD Screen Captures from the episode are up in the gallery

    Synopsis: SVU investigates whether a wealthy and powerful defense contractor forced an underage French girl to give him an inappropriate massage, and whether he used his ex-girlfriend to arrange the encounter.

    September 02, 2020  abby No comments Arrow, Gallery

    After being a big part of season 7 Kat came back to Arrow for it’s last season to play Mia in 2040 we meet her in new team Arrow with her brother William and friends Connor Hawke & Zoe Ramirez to take on John Diggle Jr. aka Deathstroke. They then comes back to the past to 2020 to meet Oliver and help with the events up to crisis on infinite earths. And to set up for the Back door pilot green arrow and the canaries in episode 9 (still holing out hope it gets a pick up). All the season is up in the gallery in full HD Screen Captures, as well as Episode stills, On Set photos and more, so got and have a look.

    September 02, 2020  abby No comments Interviews

    a panel discussion with Madison Bailey, Jessica Marie Garcia, Katherine McNamara and Maisie Richardson-Sellers moderated by TheWrap’s Jennifer Maas. During this live chat, learn how your favorite on-screen superheroes and powerhouse characters find the strength to feel confidence and kick-ass in their everyday lives.

    August 31, 2020  abby No comments The Stand

    The first look at Kat in her new tv show The Stand is out, Kat only has one little part in the teaser and it only last’s for about 4 secs but still nice to see our girl being a bad ass.

    August 27, 2020  abby No comments Gallery, Interviews

    Kat McNamara has 10 tattoos, each with a special personal meaning, and she walks us through them — and more of her body history — in this episode of Body Scan! The star of “Shadowhunters” and “Arrow” reveals how “High School Musical” caused her to dye her hair for the first time, the amazing manicure solution that keeps her nails looking pristine even during boxing training, how she found the perfect solution to improve her vision and so much more.

    August 27, 2020  abby No comments Movie

    ScreenRant – Katherine McNamara, known for her starring roles as Mia Smoak and Clary Fray in Arrow and Shadowhunters, is in talks to star in Urban Legend reboot.

    Arrow actress Katherine McNamara is reportedly in talks for a role in the upcoming Urban Legend reboot. 24-year-old McNamara is best known for her role as Clary Fray and Mia Smoak in Shadowhunters and Arrow, respectively. She also has a role in Josh Boone’s forthcoming The Stand, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. In addition, McNamara has also taken part in several independent film projects, including an untitled horror film directed by Nick Simon.

    The original Urban Legend film premiered in 1998 and quickly gained a cult following in spite of unfavorable reviews from critics. This college slasher film was one of the many that emerged after the success of the first two movies in the Scream franchise and featured many big-name stars of today, including Jared Leto and Rebecca Gayheart. The film centers around a group of students at Pendleton University, who quickly discover that a recent string of murders are eerily similar to the urban legends they are learning about in class.

    Although an Urban Legend reboot was announced earlier this February, Collider reports that directors are now eyeing Katherine McNamara to play one of the film’s main characters. As of now, not much is known on which roles are available to McNamara. However, there is speculation that she will star alongside Sydney Chandler in an ensemble cast. Aside from McNamara and Chandler, Keith Powers from Straight Outta Compton is rumored to be in talks as well.

    Colin Minihan is set to direct this horror film reboot, with Eric Paquette and Michael Bitar overseeing the project for Screen Gems. While it’s unknown how closely the reboot intends to follow the storylines from the original Urban Legend, studio executives have stated that this Urban Legend reboot will explore the repercussions of living in a digital age. More specifically, the reboot will highlight how the spread of urban legends is now facilitated through both the Internet and social media.

    While much remains to be seen about the Urban Legend reboot, the lasting star power of the franchise’s original films shows how important picking the right cast is. As such, McNamara’s range and roles in Shadowhunters and Arrow highlight how she undoubtedly has the acting chops for a starring role in Urban Legend. Although Screen Gems and Minihan likely need a while longer before they can reveal any definitive news regarding the reboot, horror fans everywhere will continue to be on the edge of their seat until they do.

    August 26, 2020  abby No comments events

    August 26, 2020  abby No comments Gallery, Movie

    With my copy of Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls I as well got the blu-ray copy of Katherine’s 2016 movie Indiscretion or as it is called in some places The Affair. Kat stars as Lizzy Simon the daughter of politician who is just in it. The movie co-stars Mira Sorvino, Cary Elwes & Christopher Backus and is Director: John Stewart Muller. The movie was not the best to watch and has been done before so much better but Kat’s end part was great to watch.

    In director John Stewart Muller’s stylish psychological thriller, Mira Sorvino stars as Veronica, a politician’s wife whose brief affair with a troubled young artist comes back to haunt her when he begins to infiltrate every part of her life. While her husband (Cary Elwes) and daughter (Katherine McNamara) are away, New Orleans psychiatrist Veronica Simon (Mira Sorvino) enjoys a weekend fling with Victor (Christopher Backus), an alluring young sculptor. But after Veronica calls off the affair, Victor refuses to let go and will stop at nothing to have Veronica for himself. Just how far will Victor go to get what he wants, and is there anything Veronica can do to stop his mad obsession before it destroys her family?

    August 26, 2020  abby No comments Uncategorised

    Deadline – CBS All Access’ star-studded television adaptation of The Stand, by Stephen King, will make its debut in the winter. The limited-series adaptation of King’s 1978 novel will premiere on Dec. 17.

    Starring Whoopi Goldberg, Alexander Skarsgård, James Marsden, Odessa Young, Jovan Adepo and Amber Heard, The Stand is the horror author’s apocalyptic vision for a world ruined by a super plague and caught in the middle of the fight between good and evil.

    Also set to star in the limited-series written by Josh Boone and Ben Cavell are Owen Teague, Henry Zaga, Brad William Henke, Irene Bedard and Nat Wolff. Greg Kinnear, Heather Graham, Eion Bailey and Katherine McNamara are also among cast members.

    Cavell serves as showrunner and executive producer with Taylor Elmore, Will Weiske, Jimmy Miller, Roy Lee and Richard P. Rubinstein. Boone will direct and executive produce the first and last episodes of the series. Also serving to produce The Stand are Jake Braver, Jill Killington, Owen King, Knate Lee and Stephen Welke.

    The Stand is produced by CBS Television Studios.

    August 23, 2020  abby No comments Gallery, Movie

    My Blu-Ray copy of Katherine’s 2015 movie R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls came the other day yay. Kat star’s as the evil Lilith and it co-stars Dove Cameron, Braeden Lemasters, Tiffany Espensen, Andrew Kavadas and more and was Director by Peter DeLuise. I have added in 1080p Blu-Ray screen captures from the movie it’s self as well as movie stills, Promotional Shoot, on set photos and posters to the gallery. You can pick up the DVD Here for $7.96 and the Blu-Ray Here for $14.29. Enjoy!

    A small town Halloween festival finds itself intruded upon by an evil carnival with designs upon imprisoning and feeding off the souls of unwary teenagers. Targeted are four high school friends, who’s two leaders, Kellen and Beth (not quite a dating couple), suddenly find themselves with alternate romantic choices (namely, carnival temptress Lilith and tall, dark, handsome transfer student Hunter). As the stroke of Halloween midnight approaches, who will wind up entombed in the carnival’s dire Cabinet of Souls forever?

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