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  • February 20, 2021  abby No comments Trust

    The official trailer for Kat’s new and last one she got to film before it all shut down movie Trust has at last come out and her co-stars her Shadowhunder’s cast mate Matthew Daddario as well as Victoria Justice.

    In this sexy and twisty ride, New York gallery owner Brooke and her husband Owen each face exceptional temptations, with most unexpected results.

    February 14, 2021  abby No comments Gallery, Tv Shows

    At the end of 2011 Kat had a guest spot role on the tv show Drop Dead Diva Season 03 episode 11 Ah! Men as Ann Logan and this was her first full guest star part on a tv show. Full HD Screen Captures from the episode are up in the gallery

    Even Fred’s angelic patience wears thin when Stacy, whom he saw kissing her TV series star colleague Brian Pullman, takes forever to tell him, yet ponders whether and how to confront her. Kim is charmed by Yale-educated Baptist pastor Ben Logan but hard-pressed to defend his sermons encouraging poor parishioners to shoplift what they need from the monopolist store chain, or his brat daughter Ann, who simply stole for herself. Jane willfully accepts a case dodged by Parker, his vandal ex’s claim against her father’s insurance company. Judge Owen French keeps giving Jane mixed signals.

    February 14, 2021  abby No comments Music

    A couple of days ago Kat said she has a surprise coming for us on Sunday and it was new new song called Love Me Like That for valentines day. You can give it ago below and its out on all streaming sites now.

    Another song from my archive, completed over the years. Human relationships, its intimacy are all part of the magic, the totality of moments that surprise you. The moments you catch your breath when you see more clearly and the moments you can lose. Life itself consists of these. No matter how transient or lasting, they always live on in our memories. I missed these moments the most last year. So, on this holiday about relationships, I brought you the song #LoveMeLikeThat – a song about those moments when you completely lose yourself. Because every moment is a gift – that’s why it’s called appear. I highly recommend it to everyone!

    February 12, 2021  abby No comments Movie, Trust

    Great news for us Kat fans and Shadowhunters fans, Her new movie Trust (previously known as Push) and co stars Matthew Daddario at last has a release date and its Match 12th in some theaters and video on demand, So look back here for screen caps from it when it comes out.

    “Trust,” a new romantic drama starring Victoria Justice and Matthew Daddario, has sold key distribution rights to Vertical Entertainment.

    The boutique distributor will roll out the film in North America, the U.K. and Ireland, Variety has learned. The release is set for March 12, in select theaters and via paid video on demand. Josh Spector negotiated the deal for Vertical, with UTA Independent Film Group on behalf of the filmmakers.

    Set in the glamorous art worlds of Paris and New York, Justice plays a gallery owner married to a newscaster, played by Daddario. When two seductive strangers enter their lives (Lucien Laviscount and Katherine McNamara, respectively), the couple is faced with temptation, jealousy and a mystery that upends their lives. The Exchange is handling international sales on the project, directed by Brian DeCubellis.

    “On behalf of my fellow producers, we are so excited to partner with Vertical Entertainment to bring our film ‘Trust’ to screens in North America and UK/IE. This stunningly talented cast and crew joined forces to pour so much passion into every shot of this chemistry-fest of a movie. As a filmmaker, I couldn’t be more proud or grateful of the collaborations and the outcome” DeCubellis said.

    Rich Goldberg, Vertical’s co-president, said the film was “a star-powered, temptation driven film with enthralling performances from a talented cast. We’re thrilled to partner with the talented filmmaking team to bring the film to audiences this March.”

    DeCubellis wrote the script with Kristen Lazarian and K.S. Bruce. He also produced with Steven Klinsky and Tom Guida. Corey Trent Ackerman, Maureen Sherry and Steven P. Wegner executive produced. Cinematography is by David Tumblety, with editing by Ann Husaini, and music by Joel Douek and Greg Pliska.

    February 04, 2021  abby No comments Gallery, The Stand

    It’s Thursday and that means a new episode of The Stand and unfortunately day’s all new episode 1×08 – The Stand was the last in the season and show. After not being in last weeks episode Kat was back for this one and had two part’s in it, first in the trial and later as a MC for the execution but as all things go a lightning storm hit as they do and miss Julie Lawry did not survive in the end. The show was a good watch but I do think they very much under used Kat in it for how much promo she got before hand to what she was in. You can find HD Screen Captures and two episode stills now in the gallery.

    February 02, 2021  abby No comments Gallery, The Stand

    After Miss Julie Lawry missed last weeks episode of The Stand she is at last back for this week and I have added 2 new stills from the episode 1×08 – The Stand and four new on set candids that Kat added to her social media to the gallery.

    January 21, 2021  abby No comments Gallery, The Stand

    A new episode of The Stand 1×06 – The Vigil was on today, Kat was in it but had a very small part compared to last week but we did get to see she is at the top of the list of people who can get to see Flag. You can find HD Screen Captures and two episode stills now in the gallery.

    January 21, 2021  abby No comments Interviews, Tv Shows

    comicbookKatherine McNamara is currently starring in CBS All Access’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand as Julie Lawry, a small-town girl with a wild streak who also happens to be a not-so-great person. It makes the character a good fit for Randall Flagg’s (Alexander Skarsgard) group of survivors in an anything-goes New Vegas, but also makes her very different from who most fans are used to seeing McNamara play. The actress is perhaps best known for her heroic roles as Clary Fray in Freeform’s Shadowhunters and Mia Smoak in The CW’s Arrow. With both of those characters being very popular with fans, McNamara is no stranger to the power of fandom but she says she’s learned a lot about boundaries from it as well.

    Speaking with Elle in a wide-ranging interview that covered not just her role in The Stand but the horror movie she made during quarantine and other projects as well, McNamara said being part of Shadowhunters and Arrow taught her that there have to be boundaries when it comes to the digital and the real.

    “Being part of shows like Shadowhunters and Arrow taught me that you have to realize there’s a clear separation between what happens in the digital world and the real world,” McNamara said. “It’s wonderful that the world can be connected, but we have to remember to appreciate the reality of people sitting here with us.”

    And when it comes to fandoms, for Arrow, that took a bit of a hit recently when it was announced that Green Arrow and the Canaries, a spinoff series that got a backdoor pilot during the final season of Arrow last year, was not going forward at The CW. That news was made even harder to swallow when a follow-up report revealed that the series had already explored the possibility of moving to another platform, such as HBO Max, but no avail. Despite this, McNamara says she’s not done playing Mia and she’s open to any possibility to play the character again.

    “If they ever want me in any iteration of Mia Smoak, I’m there,” McNamara recently told ComicBook.com. “I’m not done with her yet. So, if they will have me I will be there. But I think the pandemic just threw such a monkey wrench into everything.”
    The Stand is now streaming on CBS All Access with new episodes arriving on Thursdays.

    January 17, 2021  abby No comments Interviews

    January 15, 2021  abby No comments Interviews

    Elle – The ‘Shadowhunters’ and ‘Arrow’ alum on tackling Stephen King and making movies in quarantine.

    Kat McNamara did not spend 2020 learning to crochet or baking banana bread over and over and over again. Instead, the 25-year-old actress filmed a horror movie from home, started development on a YA adaptation, appeared at virtual fan conventions, and plotted where her career goes next as she looks to explore what she calls “new avenues of her psyche.”

    But the pandemic escapes no one, so we’re meeting over Zoom. “I have tried to make the best of it, being the stubborn optimist I am,” she laughs as we both admit 2020 was not the year either of us planned for.

    But 2021 is looking bright, as the 25-year-old stars in the CBS All Access adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, a prescient work by the master of horror that follows a group of survivors after a deadly man-made virus ravages the world.

    McNamara stars as Julie Lawry, a small-town girl with a wild side who finds herself susceptible to the call of Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgård), the mysterious and supernatural ’dark man’ who serves as the show’s chief antagonist. It is, perhaps, the role most unlike herself McNamara has played thus far.

    “It was an exciting prospect because I get to be a chameleon and transform,” McNamara says, “but the ways in which Julie is different to me make me uncomfortable—the language she uses, the stigmas she holds, are just not okay. But because it’s Stephen King there’s not much you can really change about it, so it was a process of turning it into something good.”

    Julie, says McNamara, is “probably the worst example of who to be.” Self-absorbed and ignorant, the character pressures men for sex and mocks those she believes are less fortunate than herself.

    “This past year we’ve had the time to look back at society and the stigmas and habits we’ve fallen into and confront [them] and hold ourselves and others accountable for the ways we treat other people,” McNamara says. She hopes to use the show as “an opportunity to guide people towards the right resources” as further episodes air.

    CBS risked the wrath of King fans when they confirmed the ending of the show would be different from the book, and with two fandoms under McNamara’s belt—and more than five million followers on social media—she knows better than anyone how perilous that can be.

    In 2015, the Kansas City-born actress’s world changed forever when she was cast as Clary Fray in the Freeform series Shadowhunters, based on a series of young adult books with a passionate built-in fanbase. Hours before her casting was announced, “Who is Clary?” was trending on Twitter.

    Click on the link to read the rest

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